Information to shareholders Statement of the President and CEO Operations in 2012 Mission statement The Viking Line fleet Viking Grace The environment Safety and security Human resources Corporate governance The Board of Directors Group Management Report of the Directors Consolidated statement of comprehensive income Consolidated balance sheet Consolidated cash flow statement Statement of changes in consolidated equity Notes to the consolidated financial statements Five-year financial review Quarterly consolidated statement of comprehensive income Share data Definitions of financial ratios Parent company income statement Parent company balance sheet Parent company cash flow statement Notes to the parent company’s financial statements The Board’s proposal on distribution of earnings Auditors’ Report ADDRESSES 3 4 6 8 10 12 18 22 24 26 30 31 34 39 40 41 42 43 60 61 62 64 65 66 68 69 74 75 76 VIKING LINE’S OPERATIONS THE ENVIRONMENT, SAFETY AND SECURITY HUMAN RESOURCES CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS PRODUCTION Viking Line Abp/Layout TRANSLATION Victor Kayfetz PAPER Lumi Silk 130/250 g PRINT Waasa Graphics Oy, February 2013 ILLUSTRATIONS cover and page 12 Cecilia Lundgren PHOTOS Ville Petteri Määttä, Okko Oinanen, Erkki Tuukka and Viking Line image archive. VIKING LINE 1 ANNUAL REPORT 2012 CONTENTS

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