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ANNONS Hela denna tematidning är en annons från RMG i samarbete med Starmonde Publishing Group AB ANNONS STARMONDE MINING METALS ESTABLISHED SINCE 2006 Publ. Group & No 8 2012 PROSPECTING ANALYSES CASE CORPORATE PRESENTATIONS 405,9(3 :;9(;,.@ Sweden is the leading mining nation in Europe today. But to retain our place at the top, major investments are now underway in the mining industry. The government will be allocating several investments related to mining in the next budget, and this winter will see the presentation of Sweden’s first national mineral strategy. Håkan Ekengren is State Secretary and is leading the internal work with the mining strategy. page 8-9 So far during 2012 reports of debt crises in Europe, global investor anxiety and the impact of climate change all help paint a gloomy picture of the future world economy. These short term issues must however not be given too much influence on the judgement over the mining industry. page 4-5 page 5 Mining via the new main level in the Kiruna mine will start in 2013. This is the largest investment the company has ever made and the largest industrial project in progress in Sweden. page . Kiruna, Gällivare, Pajala and other communities in Norrbotten and Västerbotten are currently experiencing an almost paradoxical situation. They are communities with many years’ experiences of emigration and cut downs in the well fare system, but with a thriving mining industry, creating low unemployment and also difficulties in recruiting enough people with the right skills and a shortage of housing premises. page 12 Endomines and Pampalo Gold Mine Positioned for Growth! Endomines AB shares are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX First North Premier segment in Stockholm under ticker ENDO.ST.

  Page 2 - For Michael Meyer, development manager at Dannemora Mineral, the reopening of a  
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