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PUBLIC WELFARE Rescue boat PAF saves lives CARRIES OUT SOME 60 RESCUE ASSIGNMENTS PER YEAR THE RESCUE BOAT PAF was launched in May, 1994. The Ålandic coastguard association, Åland's Sjöräddningssällskap, carries out about 60 rescue assignments and 2-3 patient transports every year, as well as oil clean-ups in the event of accidents. Additionally, the association carries out 30-40 commercial assignments a year. Upon a closer look at the rescue assignments, there are tug boats which pull boats out of shallow waters, rescue missions at sea and patient transports. MONEY THROUGH THE DALER PROJECT Ålands Sjöräddningssällskap is one of PAF's member associations. Since the launch of the Daler project in 1991, the intention was to use revenues from Daler to finance a new rescue cruiser. After the failure of the Daler project, the Ministry of Finance compensated PAF via the Bank of Finland in the amount of six million marks (1,009,127.50 euros) for smelting the coins. "You could say that the only winner in the Daler project was the Sjöräddningssällskap coastguard association," says operations director of Ålands Sjöräddningssällskap coastguard association Dag Lindholm. BUILDING ON ÅLAND The rescue boat was built at Alandia Yards (Lundmek Ab) for a contract amount of nearly 3.7 million marks (622,295.32 euros). Rescue PAF was launched in May, 1994 and after some technical problems, the boat was taken over by Ålands Sjöräddningsällskap on December 11th of the same year. fi You can read exciting reports of Åland's coastguard activities on the website. "Rescue PAF is in good shape. From this year's PAF aid, we have requested a new radar and navigation equipment," adds Dag Lindholm. Half of Ålands are financed by Sjöräddningssällskap's operations Ålands Penningautomatförening (PAF), which means approximately 180,000 euros per year. Other income is attained from commercial activities, from support from authorities, membership fees and donations. "We have a new boat this year, Rescue Lady, for which PAF aid amounted to 100,000 euros, or 66 percent of the cost. The remaining portion came from the Lions association, Åland Post and our own funds," says Dag Lindholm. RELIABLE LEADING GENEROUS 39

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