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PAF AID PAF aid ­ allocations At the end of 2005, representatives of member associations were: Folkhälsan på Åland (public health on Åland) Finland's Red Cross ­ Åland district Cultural associations Save the Children - Åland district Ålands Sjöräddningssällskap (Åland's coast guard assn.) Ålands Ungdomsförbund (Åland's youth assn.) Martha Association (Åland district.) Ålands Handikappförbund (Åland's assn. for the disabled) Ålands Idrottsförbund (Åland's youth assn.) Raija-Liisa Eklöv Birger Ch Sandell Mikael Lagström Kerstin Wikgren Gun Eriksson-Hjerling Robert Storfors Gudrun Salmén Pekka Tuominen Fredrika Sundberg Allocation board Financial officer for the province, Dan E Eriksson, was fi chairman of PAF's allocation board for 2005 and the financial manager of Ålands Penningautomatförening, Johan Rothberg, acted as secretary. In 2005, a total of 9 million euros was distributed as aid and loans to a number of ideological associations and a large number of ideological projects for the public good on Åland. Based on the 2005 results, a total of 13 million euros has been set aside in the provincial budget for allocation for 2006. Loans 12,7 % Aid was distributed as follows: Aid Social activities Youth activities Athletic activities Cultural activities Project aid - Spa project - Other project aid Events aid Other aid Total aid Loans Loans to youth organizations Other loans from slot machine funds 1 760 202 1 404 544 2 800 394 200 550 000 000 360 000 000 640 000 000 Other aid 6,1 % Spa project 31,1 % Events aid 2,2 % Loan capital PAF's loan capital, as published 31 December 2005, amounts to 1.8 million euros. The net change in loan capital for 2005 means a decrease of 0.4 million euros. Other project aid 4,4 % Cultural activities 6,1 % Social activities 19,6 % 7 855 000 Athletic activities 15,6 % Youth activities 2,2 % The Board's proposition for distribution of profits fi The Board suggests that 11,349,530.08 euros of the year's profit of 17,349,530.08 euros be distributed to fi the provincial government to be transferred as allocable aid and 6,000,000 euros be transferred to PAF's working capital for reinvestment in business operations. 15 000 1 130 000 Totalt aid och loans: 9 000 000 38 RELIABLE LEADING GENEROUS

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