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B2B-ACTIVITIES New PAF profile fi PAF has done comprehensive work to clarify what PAF stands for and its position, which has led to an update of PAF's brand platform. The work has resulted in a modernized logo and a graphic manual which describes PAF's values and the new graphic profile. During fi 2006, we will work with the implementation of the new graphic profile in our market communications fi and at our gaming locations. With a powerful brand, we will stand strong as we face future challenges. PAF's values Ålandic /Nordic Creative Responsible Business development strategically important In order to increase the power of existing and future business opportunities, a special business development unit was established in the autumn, and group management was strengthened with a director of business development. During the autumn and winter, comprehensive strategy work was done, within the frames of which PAF's and the subsidiary EGET's business strategies were coordinated and the foundation for new business partnership operations (business-to-business) was laid. The new business concept, which will be initiated in 2006, entails providing complete operative service solutions within Internet and mobile phone gaming to business partners who wish to establish themselves in the gaming branch under their own brand in cooperation with PAF. Central building blocks in the concept include the Ålandic gaming license, the operator's know-how and the technological competence which has been built up within the PAF Group through many years of investment in Internet gaming. Style and tone Reliable Leading Generous GRAFISK MANUAL RELIABLE LEADING GENEROUS 37

Page 16 - THE BRAND Market communications now with a new brand profile fi During the year,   Page 18 - PAF AID PAF aid ­ allocations At the end of 2005, representatives of member associations  
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