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inspire Address Iggesund Paperboard S E -825 80 Iggesund Sweden phone: +46 650 280 00 fax: +46 650 288 21 A magazine from Iggesund Paperboard, a manufacturer of high-quality paperboard based on virgin fibre Publisher Carlo Einarsson (responsible under Swedish press law) editor in Chief Elisabeth Östlin editoriAl Committee Winnie Halpin, Wout van Hoof, Véronique Lafrance, Didier Saindon, Ian Harris, Staffan Sjöberg, Elisabeth Östlin, Astrid Korf Publishing AgenCy Appelberg PO Box 7344, SE-103 90 Stockholm mAnAging editor And ProjeCt mAnAger Karin Strand phone: +46 8 406 54 13 Art direCtor Markus Ljungblom editor Alessia Wistén A room In constAnt chAnge the swedish forest is a fantastic resource. It grows rapidly, it absorbs carbon dioxide and it produces life-giving oxygen. And at the same time it provides the primary from which we make Invercote. This is how we look at the forest from an industrial point of view. But as a forest officer, I see other aspects of the forest as well. Visiting the forest is like visiting a room in constant change. Sensations change with the seasons and the animals you meet ­ from the busy squirrels to the king of the forest, the majestic elk. But above all, the forest is completely free of all the interference that characterises our daily lives. We've become used to having digital superabundance just a click away. But when you're in the living, growing forest, who needs contact with the stock market? You can luxuriate in the magic of total silence or the soft murmur of a distant brook. The forest is so much more than a resource for production ... and at Iggesund this is something we keep in firmly in mind. This issue of Inspire focuses on leisure. A growing number of people spend their free time at the computer, playing games, booking tickets, buying cars or clothes. But don't forget that somewhere out there is nature, and it's well worth a visit. lAyout & PrePress Appelberg Contributors Meryem Can, Margo Cygielska, Susanna Lindgren, Risto Pakarinen, Esther Selsdon Photos Joachim Baan, Lisa Björner, Robert Hagström, Camilla Lindqvist, Alexander Phil, Mick Ryan, Sanna Skerdén illustrAtions Cecilia Carlstedt, Elisabeth Moch, Kari Modén Printing Strokirk-Landströms, Lidköping Strand Grafiska, Malmö (cover) issn 1404-2436 Inspire is printed in English, Chinese, French, German and Swedish. ArVid sundblAd business director tobacco The forest is free of all the interference that characterises our daily lives. of this issue of inspire reflects both leisure and fashion. it is printed on invercote Creato 260 g/m² with 6+4 colour offset (eur + Pms gold and fluorescent red) with semi gloss and matt dispersion varnishes and a black partial uV varnish. the cover was created by Cecilia Carlstedt, a swedish illustrator internationally celebrated for her fashion illustrations. her work has been commissioned by a solid list of clients, including new The cover elisabeth moch lAnguAge CoordinAtor Helena Åkesson Inspire aims to inform and entertain with stories and photos that are not restricted to the scope of Iggesund's own business. As its name suggests, the idea is to be inspirational and not to infringe on a company or person's image rights or intellectual property. Products that are made with Invercote and other paperboard from Iggesund are marked in the text. york times, h&m, bloomingdales and swarovski. "our main article deals with the fact that people spend an increasing amount of time on the internet and even do their luxury shopping there. my idea for the cover was to combine leisure time with the world of high fashion," says markus ljungblom, art director of inspire. "Cecilia is a great illustrator and i think her approach suits inspire well ­ it is graphical with a touch of luxury, and always very stylish." 2 inspire · #32 [2009]

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