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"Security is getting more and more important today to save your product..." Customer: Günter Thomas Trendhouse 42, Germany Design: KMS, Germany Printer: Günter Thomas Trendhouse 42, Germany Techniques: silver foil lamination, 4 colour offset + opaque white UV printing; hybrid- and pearl-effect (Iriodin) varnishes as well as scented UV varnishes Material: Incada Silk 280 g /m2 Customer: World Bank Design: Edit Print, Armenia Intermediate agent: Vimpex, Austria Printer: Edit Print, Armenia Techniques: Sheet-fed offset printing, film lamination Material: Invercote G 280 g/m2 : POWER OF READING Text books How can an outside organisation support education in a simple but effective way? In the case of the World Bank and Armenia, the answer is to sponsor school books for all Armenian students. The idea is to improve the quality of education by providing support in the form of text books as well as teachers' guides. Some 700,000 books have been printed and delivered to students and teachers for grades one to ten. For the covers, Invercote G 280 g/m2 was chosen because of the paperboard's flexibility and tearing resistance. Other reasons include the whiteness and print result of the paperboard. The techniques that were used to print the cover were sheet-fed offset printing with film lamination. Invercote is perfect for school book covers says Tommy Bergerståhl of Iggesund. "Invercote, with its strength properties is the best cover choice for books that will be subjected to rougher handling than usual." ALESSIA WISTÉN : SAFETY BOX Print sample When German print specialists Günter Thomas Trendhouse 42 completely redesigned its image and logo, what better place to show off the new look than at Drupa, the world's biggest print exhibition? But instead of using a simple brochure and traditional information materials, GT Trendhouse 42 decided to create something special: boxes containing soap, CD, a plastic Elvis figure, sweets or a USB connector. "We created the boxes for our customers as a present, especially to show the possibilities we can offer and everything possible to print better than the real thing," says Stephanie Wessel of GT Trendhouse 42. The basic design was created by German design firm KMS, with GT Trendhouse 42 further developing the concept with a range of finishes, including silver foil lamination, hybrid- and pearl-effect as well as scented varnishes. The boxes also include a special securit y element: in a printed band that runs around the whole box, a hidden logo can only be seen with the help of a special plastic card. "Security is getting more and more important today to save your product, especially in packaging, but also for tickets, special invitations and much more," says Stephanie Wessel. BERT MENNINGA Do you have any ideas for the Desired Objects pages? We're looking for innovative packaging design and graphic products that feature material from Iggesund Paperboard. Please send in samples, along with background information to: Inspire, Iggesund Paperboard, SE-825 80 Iggesund, Sweden.

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