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PROFILED Text Alessia Wistén Photo Morgan Norman pop star Singer Ana Johnsson doesn't take success for granted. WHEN SWEDISH SINGER Ana Johnsson got her big break, it wasn't your typical success story. Instead of hitting the charts at home, she took the Hollywood route: Her song "We Are," became the theme song for Spiderman . So far, Johnsson is far more well known outside her native country. Though well-loved by the Japanese, she's on her way to the United States to write and record her next album. Despite this, she refuses to use the words "success" and "career" in the same breath. "I don't want to see music as a career even if it is my job at the moment," Johnsson says. "Someday maybe I'll make my living in a different way. But I'll never stop singing, writing and loving music." Johnsson describes her breakthrough with "We Are" as dizzying (to listen, check out the web on "Invercote Your Day" at "I was working so hard I had no time to re ect. I only remember bits and pieces, not any of the details from then. But it was wonderful to come to a place where I'd never been before and be met by a sea of excited people who sang along with my songs." She continues playing worldwide ­ a recent gig was playing at Iggesund's event for the launch of the new Invercote ­ but she has a special relationship to Japan, where she has a big fan base. "The Japanese are very friendly and thoughtful. Playing in Japan is crazy, where the crowd all the way to the back row follows even my smallest gesture. If I motion for them to stand, everyone stands up immediately and waves their arms." VOICE OF TODAY "I'll never stop singing, writing and loving music." Swedish singer Ana Johnsson has had her biggest hits outside Sweden: in Japan ­ and Hollywood.

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