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they'd visited, including a branch from g tree. It was on opening the box again years later that Gautrot was inspired by the scent of dried g to create Philosykos. BADAULT DESCRIBES Diptyque as an "anti-marketing" Diptyque is a brand that creates and shares emotions." Myriam Badault released in . "At the time, scented candles were something very new in France," says Badault. "And being a forerunner in such a sector, and moreover, producing extremely high-quality and beautiful products which were recognized as such helped create the brand's notoriety." THE DIPTYQUE TEAM works with perfumers to develop SCENTS OF CELEBRITY From its roots in stylish and exclusive interior design, Diptyque has made the scented candle into a modern day cult classic. Simple monochrome designs with stylish drawings and elegant calligraphy, Diptyque candles are unique, and are considered the reference for scented candles. This is reinforced by a celebrity clientele including The Rolling Stones, Karl Lagerfeld, Catherine Deneuve, Manolo Blahnik, Sonia Rykiel, Philippe Starck and Elton John, who even commissioned a special traveling case so he need never be without his Diptyque candle collection. 16 · candle scents. Once these are established, a candlemaker then takes over, working with wax and wick to nd the best balance with which to diffuse the fragrance once burning. "With candles, one is dealing with raw materials that react to heat, and some that do this better than others so you have to nd the right balance for optimal combustion of the candle to create the perfect fragrance diffusion," Badault says. The glass containers are hand- lled to the brim with perfumed liquid wax. The wicks are individually straightened by hand while the wax is still warm. The glasses are wiped and coded, labeled, and packed by hand. The candles are made from different mixtures of mineral and vegetable waxes and the wicks vary in thickness, depending on the combustion characteristics of the perfume. The range now includes references and accounts for - percent of Diptyque's turnover. Room sprays, different personal fragrances including a collection of three colognes, and a new line of bath products account for the rest. What makes the Diptyque creative process unique is that every product tells a story. For example, the l'Ombre dans l'Eau fragrance and the complementary Baies candle were born from the smell on the ngers of one of Knox-Leet's friends: Mrs. Merwin, who had been picking roses for pot pourri in her gardens, and then went to gather blackcurrants. Another time, Knox-Leet and Coueslant returned from Greece with a box for Gautrot in which they'd wrapped pebbles, fragments of ceramic and souvenirs from each place brand: "The starting point is never about de ning a scent our range is lacking or the target market we're aiming for, it's rather an experience or an olfactory memory of something we want to share through a fragrance. Diptyque is a brand that creates and shares emotions." Indeed, Diptyque has never spent a penny on advertising, allowing the momentum of the brand's success and its quality to carry the torch. Also key to the Diptyque brand is the graphic identity, created by Knox-Leet, with an ink-drawn oval label on every product. "We use some extremely powerful codes that even go beyond the brand and often, the packaging is recognised before the name," Badault says. Indeed, on the candle labels, the letters spelling out the fragrance jump around and can often take a moment to read. Says Badault: "Desmond was looking for image over sense ­ the relationship between black and white lines before the rst reading of the word. The oval is very powerful ­ it's a completely timeless concept and one which transcends fashion, at home equally happily in a traditional space as a modern one." SIMPLY SIMPLY A MATTER OF QUALITY "At Diptyque, we are driven by quality through simplicity in all areas, and the choice of Invercote G 350g/m2 paperboard for all our packages is part of that. It gives us the whiteness and quality of touch we need, and offers the structure that is essential to packaging of quality. It sits perfectly with the Diptyque brand." MYRIA M BADAULT

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