Page 20 in Iggesund Paperboard - Inspire - Nr 30 2008 DESIRED objects Presentation material for an advertising agency working with 2D- and 3D- graphic material and displays needs to be eyecatching. And Compasso Mundocom - with its motto “don’t explain you are creative, show it” – has certainly succeeded with its desk and “computer” in paperboard. The desk and simulated computer pop up automatically, and the drawers contain information brochures and a CD about the company. The screen of the computer, which shows a 3D version of Compasso Mundocom’s website, is created with lenticular printing that creates the illusion of depth. The converter chose Invercote G 350 g/m2 because the paperboard has the right quality, versatility and strength. Techniques used include folding, creasing and die-cutting. The lenticular printing is done with Spektra screen, a hybrid half-tone screening technology, to show off the realistic look of the wood. PRESENTED IN DEPTH Promotion material Customer: Compasso Mundocom, Netherlands Design: Compasso Mundocom, Netherlands Printer: Zwaan Printmedia, Netherlands Techniques: Folding, creasing, die-cutting, Spektra screen lenticular printing Material: Invercote G 350 g/m2

Page 19 - # [] • 19 Interview by Anna McQueen Photo Robert Hagström   Page 21 - # [] • 21 Do you have any ideas for the Desired Objects  
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