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WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD to supply you! Several of the pastries, breads and desserts presented and pictured on cover and in the catalogue are designed and created by PM & Friends, Växjö, Sweden. Bakers is one of Scandinavia´s leading manufacturer of bakery, pastry and restaurant utensils. The Baker Group includes manufacturing companies in several different areas such as environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, baking- and work tables. In our endeavor to help our customers, to conduct our continued product development and to ensure high quality we can now offer automated production of non stick coating. This gives our customers more options and alternatives for the treatment of for example baking trays, tinsets and machinery. The food safety requirements of proper food handling have been increasing dramatically during the last years in the food industry. We consider of course these aspects important and a lot of emphasis has been put on food safe, colour coded and traceable products in our new product catalogue. It is our pleasure to assist you with colour-/cleaning zone certification of your production units. We proudly present our new product catalogue that includes a number of interesting new products, special articles and a well-considered basic product range. Among our new products you will find ExpoClean – air and water disinfection without chemicals! A new, efficient and environmentally friendly tool for everyone in the food industry. You will find information about ExpoClean on page 72 and our ExpoClean products on page 154. On the following pages you will find everything you need. And then some more! Welcome to the world of Bakers! Bakers ab Storgatan 90 S-360 50 Lessebo Sweden Telephone: + 46 478 316 45 Fax: + 46 478 314 01

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