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Our principal tasks during 2009 Ensuring the continuing, reliable supply of drugs Creating conditions for a new pharmacy market Our attainments … We … • Despite the strong pressure for change, we undertook genuine social responsibility and our employees enabled high-quality drug supply and effective drug utilisation in our various markets. • Prepared the sale of 615 well-managed, attractive pharmacies. This created potential for new player marked the start of a market exposed to competi • We generated very impressive earnings in 2009. • We again secured high rankings in customer and market surveys. Apoteket, for example, is one of Sweden’s foremost consumer brands, as gauged by Synovate’s Corporate Image Survey. • Planned and facilitated reregulation by providing number of services – such as checkout systems, administration and HR administration – as part of transitional solution. • Transferred socially important systems and regist the sister company, Apotekens Service AB, which provide a shared infrastructure for the market. Th includes the National Pharmacy Register and the prescription repository. • Transferred certain social mandates to the Medica Products Agency, such as the Poisons Information Centre, the Läkemedelsboken (a book of treatme alternatives and advice for prescribers) and the n drug information centre.

Page 1 - Apoteket ANNUAL REPORT 2009   Page 3 - 9 Adjusting operations to match their new scope and competition e rs and ition.  
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