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thermal separation technology THERMTECH AS Jacob Kjødes vei 15 · NO-5232 Paradis, Bergen, Norway Tel: +47 55 60 40 60 · Fax: +47 44 50 40 61 E-mail: Website: Thermtech AS is an engineering company that is one of the standard bearers for the treatment of oily drilling cuttings, with its Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner (TCC) technology. Ever y year several million tonnes of hazardous waste is produced during oil exploration and production drilling around the world. The increasing global focus on pollution and efficient recovery of products from waste streams points in the direction of separating this particular waste into its components and thereby enabling reuse of very expensive base oil used during drilling operations. All other technologies heat the waste indirectly through large heated surfaces, increasing the risk of fire and other accidents. Compared to indirect technologies, the TCC is significantly smaller and can easily be moved from location to location. Its small footprint and the fact that the TCC is able to meet relevant safety standards, has lead to significant interest in using the technology offshore. From a financial point of view, the main benefit of using the TCC is the quality of the recovered base oil. Since the hottest spot in the TCC process is actually the waste itself the oil is not degraded and can therefore be reused. Every litre reused in new drilling mud means money saved. TCC Capacity The capacity of a TCC is, as with any other thermal technologies, dependent on the energy input and the content of the waste. In particular, capacity depends on the amount of water in the waste. Thermtech's estimates of the capacity are based on assumptions with regards to the content. A "3 tonne per hour" unit will have that capacity with a ratio of 70/15/15 solids/water/oil content (by weight). If the water content is lower, the capacity of the same unit will be significantly higher than three tonnes per hour. Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner (TCC) Technology Thermtech's Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner (TCC) heats the oily waste to a temperature just high enough to evaporate the oil and water in it. The TCC is not the only thermal separation technology available; yet, it is fundamentally different from any other technology of this kind. In a TCC heat is created through friction in the waste itself. A drive unit (up to 1 mW) sets a series of shaft-mounted hammer arms into motion inside a barrel-shaped process mill. The solid particles in the waste are then forced towards the inner wall of the stator of the mill where the kinetic energy from the rotating arms is transformed into heat through friction (see illustration). 100

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