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Photo Holger Staffansson Now ... there are times when experience and expertise lead to an award without being the low bidder, as with the Roosevelt Island Bridge Reconstruction project. Skanska's bid on the contract was higher than the low bidder. However, the client disqualified the low bidder, because bidders had to have significant experience with moveable bridges, a Skanska specialty. Roosevelt Island is a unique community within New York City, located between Queens and Manhattan in the 2 Worldwide East River under the Queensborough Bridge. A lift-span bridge connects the island to Queens. The bridge reconstruction is divided into roadway replacement and rehabilitation of the mechanical and electrical systems. "The roadway was completely opened in December 2008," reports Project Manager Pat Tamburri, "a full two months ahead of schedule. It was a great team effort." A good relationship with the client is keeping the project moving. "We determined during construction that the power system as it was designed was not constructible," Tamburri says. The client's own investigation confirmed Skanska's conclusion and a design change was initiated. "We do our best to work in cooperation with the client," Tamburri says. Experience won Skanska this project. And excellent execution carried it to a happy conclusion. # 1 2009

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