Page 13 in Worldwide Nr 1 2007

TEXT ALF LINDSTRÖM PHOTO HOLGER STAFFANSSON Skanska Residential Development Nordic is working at full speed to boost volumes and cut costs. The excellent market has not been only positive, has it? Employees who have direct contact with clients are particularly important to a business-to-consumer operation. What are you doing to develop employees? here has been talk of a housing bubble. How stable are the Nordic markets in the long term? How rapidly can you adapt supply if the market stalls? E Skanska Residential Development Nordic is working at full speed. In 2006 alone it had about 6,000 units in production in Nordic countries. S WORLDWIDE NO. 1 2007

Page 12 - REAT EXPECTAT STOCKHOLM hat is the purpose of standardization? How far can standardization   Page 14 - TEXT MATS WEMAN PHOTO HÅKAN RÖJDER NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD Skanska's Moderna Hus concept  
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