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MOVING Sold out­ an increasingly common sign at Skanska's residential projects. Skanska is one of the largest companies in the Nordic residential market. Every 10th residential unit built in 2006 was by Skanska. And in the Czech Republic, Skanska is recognized for housing that surpasses virtually all alternatives in the market. All the homes are different in character but are often built using the same basic components. It's industrialization but with a unique design. For successful results, design is becoming increasingly important, not solely with regard to the housing's interior and exterior. Now design focuses on the entire residential area in harmony with its surroundings. On the following pages you can meet a few of the thousands of families that have moved up to a new Skanska home. WORLDWIDE NO. 1 2007

Page 10 - STRETCH AND FLEX Safety is a stretch for this team. Literally! What's the secret   Page 12 - REAT EXPECTAT STOCKHOLM hat is the purpose of standardization? How far can standardization  
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