Page 19 in Iggesund Paperboard - Inspire - Nr 30 2008 # [] • 19 Interview by Anna McQueen Photo Robert Hagström DETAILED book cover THE PHOTO When designing a cover, I look for several different readings to draw in the reader and you get that with the negative image we chose for Miserere. I like the aesthetic and the ambience it brings to the book. THE COLOUR Blue has been a recurring theme on the covers I’ve done for Grangé in the past. But counterbalancing it with the red so that it gives the right level of tension without slipping into bad taste was quite tricky. Red can be quite banal, but here it gives a whiff of violence. Some say that warm colors sell a book better than colder ones but I’m not sure I buy into that. I think it depends on the author and the story. THE FONT The choice of Times for the font was one I made some years ago for Grangé’s identity, and the size of the author’s name is a clear indication of the size of his reputation. THE FINISH A book’s fi nish is what makes it a beautiful object, and the choice of printing effects varies from novel to novel and depends on the degree of sophistication. We used a matt and a glossy varnish with embossing to give it a feel of quality in one’s hand. The paperboard plays an important role here too – it needs a certain quality and thickness that you have to be able to perceive through your fi ngers. [The paperboard used is Invercote G 220 g/m2] JUDGING A BOOK BY THE COVER Miserere is the latest novel by bestselling French thriller writer Jean- Christophe Grangé, to be published in France by Albin Michel in September 2008. Creative Director Philippe Narcisse gives Inspire the lowdown on the hows and whys of the cover he designed for the book.

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