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14 inspire • #30 [2008] Text Charlotte West A lot can happen in ten years, and the first decade of Inspire is no exception. First launched in October 1998, Iggesund Paperboard’s customer magazine is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Thirty issues have brought Inspire readers everything from cocoa beans to Coco Chanel. While the magazine has naturally evolved over time, its main purpose has remained the same – to provide inspiration and showcase Iggesund’s products. “The original concept for the magazine was to show inspiring ideas... and innovative examples on how paperboard can be used,” says Jessica Johansson, first managing editor of Inspire and a current contributor. “[We] wanted the magazine to be more ‘hands on,’ meaning really offer the readers good examples of packaging design and technical solutions, with a lot of boxes, technical explanations and interviews with the people in the business.” Johansson says they put together editorial and design elements that explored many more areas than just packaging: “For example, instead of only writing about the perfume box, we interviewed a perfumer.” Inspire’s first issue, for instance, was developed around the theme “Senses.” It includes an article on the redesign of Cadbury’s chocolate packaging, a piece on the science of smell and a profile of French perfumer Guy Robert. It has broad appeal, with relevant information for professionals in a variety of fields. “The idea is to provide something for people regardless of their job,” says current managing editor Bert Menninga. Inspire doesn’t feel like a typical customer magazine; its pages more closely resemble those of a glossy lifestyle publication than of a traditional business-tobusiness magazine. It has covered a variety of topics, closely following issues such as sustainability. “A big focus of the magazine from the beginning has also been looking very much at consumer trends and how they affect packaging and graphic design,” says Menninga. The spring 2008 issue, for example, includes a think-piece on consumer demand for greener products and packaging, as well as a feature on rebranding of successful products. The magazine also adds the human element to packaging and design through its profiles. It has featured Lonely Planet travel guide creators Tony and Maureen Wheeler, Swedish food stylist Leila Lindholm (including her recipe for Moroccan salad) and of inspiration Ha ppy birthday, Inspire! For the past ten years, you have worked to keep up with the trends – or ahead of them – and stimulate your readers with exciting articles and a unique cover. A dec a de’s wor And the wi nner is… Over the years, Inspire has been nominated for a number of magazine awards, beginning with the 1999 Designer of the Year (Pia Löfstedt and Lotta Vareman) Corporate Communication Awards from Total Publishing in London, which it won. Since then, it has been a finalist over the years for a range of prizes – magazine of the year, best design and best cover – for other contests, including for best customer magazine in the Swedish Design Prize 2007 sponsored by Cap&Design/Batteri and for best cover for the Guldbladet 2008 contest sponsored by the Swedish Association of Custom Publishers.

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