Sidan 2 i Tidningen Fastighetsnytt 01/11

trenchless technology alternative fuels Passive buildings ncc ecobit climate-labeled housing climate compensation ncc Green Road eco-labeled electricity Green tenders Remediation ncc Green asphalt self-generated renewable energy transport management Miljöfabriken recycling center ncc Green Mix GreenBuilding carbon footprint BReeaM energy analyses spuma Lifecycle concept environment classification systems Green working sustainable production sustainable Refurbishment ncc concept house energy-efficient buildings GreenLight Virtual design and construction Green Living Recycling It’s what we do that counts Green thoughts are a step in the right direction. Green actions make a difference. this is what motivates us when we create the working, living and communication environments of the future. our desire to reduce climate impact leads us continuously on to new and exciting paths.

Sid 1 - EDITION 01/11 VOLUME 18 Market analysis 2011 nordic ProPerty clock largest transactions   Sid 3 - Safa Mahmoudi Tel +46 739 60 65 25 Erika Åslund Tel +46 739 60 65 30 Nimrod Badur  
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