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Contents Active Biotech in brief Comments from the CEO Directors’ report THE GROUP 3 4 6 Annual General Meeting The Annual General Meeting of Active Biotech AB (publ) is to be held on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. at Edison Park, Emdalavägen 16, Lund, Sweden. Shareholders who wish to participate in the Meeting must (a) be recorded in the register of shareholders maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB (formerly VPC AB) on Wednesday, May 8, 2013, and (b) notify the company of their intention to participate in the Meeting not later than Wednesday, May 8, 2013. Shareholders who have trustee-registered shares must temporarily re-register the shares in their own name with Euroclear Sweden to be entitled to participate in the Meeting. This registration must be completed not later than Wednesday, May 8, 2013. Accordingly, shareholders must inform the trustee of this request in ample time prior to this date. Notice of participation Notice of participation can be made in writing to Active Biotech AB (publ), Attn. Susanne Jönsson, PO Box 724, SE-220 07 Lund, Sweden, by fax on +46 (0)46-19 20 50, by telephone on +46 (0)46-19 20 00 or by e-mail to The notice shall include name, personal/corporate registration number, number of shares held, daytime telephone number and, if applicable, the number of advisors (two at the most) that will accompany the shareholder at the Meeting. The notice of the Annual General Meeting is available in its entirety on the company’s website Consolidated income statement Consolidated statement of cash flows Statement of consolidated comprehensive income Consolidated statement of financial position Statement of changes in consolidated equity THE PARENT COMPANY 14 14 14 14 15 Income statement Cash-flow statement Statement of comprehensive income Balance sheet Statement of changes in Parent Company’s equity Notes to the financial statements Auditors’ report Summary of financial development The share Intellectual property rights Corporate Governance Report 2012 Board of Directors and Auditors Management group Glossary Business concept, goals and business strategy 15 15 15 16 16 17 37 38 39 42 43 46 47 48 48 Financial information Interim report (Q1) April 25, 2013 Annual General Meeting May 15, 2013 Interim report (Q2) Aug 7, 2013 Interim report (Q3) Nov 7, 2013 Year-end report for 2013 Feb 13, 2014 Financial information can be requested from Active Biotech AB, PO Box 724, SE-220 07 Lund, Sweden. Telephone +46 (0)46-19 20 00, fax +46 (0)46-19 11 00. Information can also be obtained from the company’s website This Annual Report contains forward-looking information regarding Active Biotech. Although we believe that our expectations are based on reasonable assumptions, forward-looking statements could be affected by factors causing the actual outcome and trend to differ materially from the forecast. The forwardlooking statements comprise various risks and uncertainties. There are significant factors that could cause the actual outcome to differ from that expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements, some of which are beyond our control. These include the risk that patent rights might expire or be lost, exchange-rate movements, the risk that research and development operations do not result in commercially successful new products, competition effects, tax risks, effects resulting from the failure of a third party to deliver products or services, difficulties in obtaining and maintaining official approval for products, and environmental responsibility risks.

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